Trivia:February 20th

In these short pieces I am just going to run through some fun trivia every once in a while, sometimes it will be themed, sometimes it will just be random. I love movie trivia and it is always fun to bust out some obscure fact about movies people are talking about so I thought I would help expand others movie knowledge.

This week it’s just going to be a random selection of stuff

  1. Did you know that the marshmallow goop in Ghostbusters (1984) is actually shaving foam and it hit actor William Atherton so hard it knocked him to the ground.ghostbusters-marshmallow-man-explodes
  2.   In the original script for Hellraiser (1987) pinhead is listed as Priest and was never called pinhead in the movie. pinhead-hellraiser1
  3. Adolf Hitler’s favorite movie? King Kong (bet radio pictures wanted to keep that one quiet)kk1933
  4. Harry Potter (at least the first one) had an “only British rule” when it came to casting actors. This was so strongly enforced that Robin Williams was turned down for the role of Hagrid. While I can kind of see him playing the role I like how Robbie Coltrane portrayed the gentle giant.5-1
  5. ,The legendary man behind the make up in Frankenstein, Boris Karloff, his real real name is William Henry Pratt (that’s a little less impressive) r1303593_17859723
  6. Mathew Lillard who played Stu Mercer in Scream appears as a party guest in Scream 2.stu
  7. The Ewoks are never called Ewoks by anyone in the Star Wars films.databank_ewok_01_169_747db03a
  8. A cup of Coffee, generally Starbucks, is featured in every scene of Fight Club.o-bigdad0075c-570
  9. In From Dusk Til Dawn, Sex Machine whips a beer from one of the bar patrons hands, who is that patron? None other than famed make-up artist Greg Nicotero!gnpowerhair_big
  10. And finally, During the filming of the Normandy Landing scene to make the camera shake Steven Spielberg attached two drills to the side of the camera, he thought he had come up with a great new trick, until one of the crew told him there was a button that did exactly what he wanted.87646ae06bd64734cd9e5408350df6d3


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