Trivia: March 23rd

Okay so it’s been a little while since I posted something so I’m going to get the ball rolling again with our second trivia article. For those who haven’t read the first trivia article, you can find it here. So let’s start with the prince of darkness, Dracula!

  1. Bela Lugosi seemed to have a love/hate relationship with the Dracula. He wanted to step out from the shadow cast by the role but rarely found the breaks he was looking for. Somewhat resigned to his fate of being typecast he was buried in his Dracula costume. dracula-lugosi
  2. The noises that the Brachiosaurus makes in Jurassic Park were made using a combination of other animal noises, specifically a whale and a Donkey.brachiosaurus_1280w
  3. You’d think everyone working on Star Wars would love it right? Well aside from Alec Guinnes hating the movie James Earl Jones thought that Star Wars would bomb so he didn’t want his name put on the credits. james-earl-jones-darth-vader
  4. Hong Kong has it’s own version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame it is called The Avenue of Stars and features notable members of the Chinese and Cantonese movie industry, with names like Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Nicholas Tse.dsc_0180
  5. The helicopter pilot at the end of Predator is played by Kevin Peter Hall, the same actor who plays the Predator.Kevin_Peter_Hall_1
  6. The sound effect of Marion being stabbed in the infamous shower scene in Psycho was created by stabbing a melon, also the blood was chocolate sauce.psycho.jpg.CROP.promovar-mediumlarge
  7. Meet the Fockers title almost wasn’t allowed until the films creators found a family with the Focker name.Meet-The-Fockers-DI
  8. Frank Sinatra aged 73 at the time was offered the lead role in Die Hard, he had starred in a movie adaptation of The Detective which is the prequel to Nothing Lasts Forever which was the book the Die Hard was based on. Due to some law, the role had to be offered to Sinatra first…he declined. detective-header-864x517
  9. Producer Harvey Weinstein, known for ruthlessly cutting down films, was sent a samurai sword by legendary anime movie creator Hayao Miyazaki (or possibly his producer) with the message No Cuts. Miyazaki Feared that Weinstein would destroy his masterpiece Princess Mononoke. princess-1
  10. In Toy Story the carpet in Sis’d house is very similar to some carpet found in the Overlook Hotel in The Shinning. Some of the productions staff were big fans of The Shining. gallery-1447323908-toy-story-shining-carpet-1

Well that it for another round of Movie Trivia, I hope they have been interesting and that you now have some new nuggets of movie information to drop at the next social gathering. Why not let me know your favorite Pixar easter egg in the comments or hit me up on twitter @MCMoovies.

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