Trivia: April 27th

Another month, another bunch of facts. I didn’t intend for these to be a monthly thing but that seems to be the way they are going, so let’s get stuck into some movie facts. If you want to read previous trivia articles you click the following links Trivia:February 20th and Trivia: March 23rd. Enjoy!


  1.   Well, our first fact is timely given the upcoming release of Alien: Covenant (and we just had Alien Day). In Alien, in order to make the Space jockey or Pilot look bigger, Ridley Scott had his children dress in small spacesuits and pretend to be the adult cast. spacejockey
  2. Working on The Shining Was so taxing for Sheley Duvall that she experienced hair loss. Not hard to imagine given how exacting Stanley Kubrick was on
  3. Geoffrey Rush requested that he be positioned on the left when working with his “attractive” co-stars as he reasoned that the audience eyes would move from left to right this way he wouldn’t be overlooked. Pirates-of-the-caribbean-3-at-world-s-end-0
  4. Charlie (Peter Ostrum) from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (that’s right it’s not called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) never acted again and instead became a veterinarian.Willy-Wonka-and-the-Chocolate-Factory-willy-wonka-and-the-chocolate-factory-17674875-640-480
  5.  Jack Nicholson’s first role in a movie was as Rexford Bedlo in Roger Corman’s adaptation of Poe’s The Raven in 1963.raven4
  6. During the filming of some of the Russian Roulette scenes in The Deer Hunter, Robert De Niro suggested they put a live round in the revolver in order to increase the tension. They went ahead with the idea but don’t worry they checked the gun before each shot.DGAQ_shotRemember_DeerHunter01 jpg
  7. Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez didn’t have Drivers licenses or permits before they filmed The Fast and The
  8. The shot in Kill Bill Vol 1 where the bride cuts the baseball in half with the katana was real it was achieved by Uma Thurman’s stunt double Zoe Bell.22308944-kill-bill-vol-1-quotes-5
  9. You may be surprised to know that Steven Spielberg was not the first choice to direct Jaws. The first director wasn’t up to the job mostly because he kept calling the shark a whale. T3xwOQI
  10. When the T1000 is imitating Sarah Conner in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, the Sarah copy is played by Linda Hamiltons twin sister Leslie.8589823f8e7bd6d16bade2d30f40f2d0

So that’s trivia for April Hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you next time.

The Cow



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